April Fool

What a month – three birthdays: one a first, one a fortieth and one a seventh and all involving parties.

The first was the easiest – well they don’t know at that age do they. One day is much like the last (or the next) so the fact that the card stayed in its cellophane and the presents were pretty random did not matter too much.

The fortieth was a different matter altogether. Due to some childcare challenges the trip to Liverpool for the weekend with 10 friends was on, then off, then back on but only for one night. But what a great night it was…

At seven, parties are really important and in our house important means horses. So where better than a Pony Party at the local stables. How can you go wrong with a bunch of girls and equine entertainment – the weather of course. Maybe I don’t usually pay attention to the forecast but it is rare I think that it is described in such forbidding terms as driving wind and rain. It was a success all the same – it would take a lot more than that to put them off our four legged friends.

And in the midst of all that the first four months sales at Castle Green are 11% up on last year, our new on-line booking facility has gone live and the Pinewood goes from strength to strength.

And who is the April Fool? Well me of course, I have to pay for all the birthdays…