Glad to be here...

Well here we are. After a tortuous and delayed purchase process and lots of work to get us into the Best Western brand and get our sales and marketing up to speed we have our website and can now keep you posted on all our news.

John, our General Manager is having a well deserved break at the moment (make the most of it, John) so I have decided to do the first Blog post.

I am not a believer in stress but buying a hotel must be up there with moving house, having a baby and getting divorced (by the way my third child, all girls, arrived on April 17th, just to keep things interesting). It is not so much the work involved in the purchase as the reliance on others – utility companies, planners and the rest of the red tape that is put there to stop you getting things done.

Anyway we are in and up and running and the hotel team have been great and very supportive and for the customers it has business as usual (well actually, we think a bit better).

Our approach is very simple – we believe in investing in the product and the people and empowering the team to make decisions to make the business successful and the customers happy. We are an independent operator, which we think gives us a commercial advantage because we can react quickly, but under the international brand of Best Western, giving us customer recognition. We employ friendly staff who will always try to give the customer what they want and we always strive to exceed expectations. We are not perfect but we are never complacent. We genuinely care about our guests, our employees, our community and our environment.

I hope that you will agree and let us know how we are getting on. See you soon.…